Help plant a garden that embodies the legacy of Chris Dennis

In May 2013, Chris Dennis was last seen paddling a canoe into the fog on Cayuga Lake just before sunrise. His untimely death, which occurred just weeks before his graduation from Cornell, left his family and friends struggling. For those that knew him, Chris was an extraordinarily compassionate individual with the capacity to contemplate and address some of the largest and most complex problems of our world. He dedicated much of his free time to friends, family, environmental issues and giving a voice to the underrepresented. He loved projects that worked to better the world from an environmental and a social perspective.

Chris’s friends have designed this permaculture garden, which will be located in the spacious backyard of the 660 Stewart Ave Cooperative, to be a project that we think he would have loved. Chris was loved by and an active member of the 660 Stewart Cooperative community. We see this garden as a way to preserve Chris’s values for future students. Chris majored in International Agriculture & Rural Development, and loved how carefully designed spaces could provide sustenance for humans and animals. In the short term, the planning and planting process will help those who knew Chris best remember and honor him. In the long term, this garden will be a space for two Cornell Cooperative houses, namely, 660 Stewart Ave and Von Cramm, to produce their own food and foster their mutual community.

Like all projects, we need sufficient funding to be able to create a sustainable and productive garden. We believe that we can work with a budget of $4000. The major cost is the 8 ft deer fence that will run the perimeter of the space. The remaining money will be used to buy tools and plants. Any remaining money will be saved and put toward the garden’s maintenance in the future, which is crucial for its long-term survival. We can think of no better way to honor one of the best people we have known.


Thank you!


If you’d like to have an idea of what you contribute will give to the garden, here are some prices of plants we would like to include:

$1: Carrot seed packet

$5: 1 Bleeding heart plant

$8: 1 Grape vine

$10: 1 Peony bush

$15: 1 Hazelnut bush

$25: 1 Apple tree

$50: Asparagus patch

$100: Raspberry patch

$6000: 222ft Deer Fence (:

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